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Live reviews

Radiators @ Everglades Woy Woy. 11-2-2012

They’ve been gracing pubs, clubs and stadiums forever and tonight is one hell of a trip down The Rads’ memory lane.   A short encounter and photo opportunity back stage saw the guys a little nervous about a 7.30 pm start. The numbers were sketchy but we assured them the punters would come...    And so they did, as nearly 300 packed the Woy Woy auditorium for an onslaught of pure pub rockarama.  

 Stringing all the hits and misses together, it sure hit home just how many great songs these guys have pumped out over the past 30 or more years. Sure the lines on their faces are a little deeper but the rock is as passionate, fresh and infectious as if it was still 1978.  

One touch kicks off the cavalcade of jagged juke box hits, with the pop topped 17 (I Wish I was) pulling the punters from their seats. “17? I’d Settle for fucken 34” decrees bassist Geoff Turner with a wry smile on his dial. And that’s what makes the Rads so endearing…that tongue in cheek, cornball pub humour. That and the wicked punch they still pack.

1995’s chug along Gravitational Pull pumps beautifully ahead of the 1983 haunting singalong seduction that is No Tragedy. Anthemic pub rock at its finest. The spirit of rock n roll breathes in these four guys.   Brian Nichol with his nasal, rasp-cured vox. Rock God moves and trademark stage gear, Geoff Turner with that grinding bass, 80s coiffure and well-honed smartarsery, Fess Parker with the killer brothel creepers and driving guitar…and Mark Lucas who just nails the whole package together and can’t seem to get that smile off his face for the duration of the set.   

These guys love what they do and that’s what keeps bringing the devotees back year after year. The beauty of the Rads is they never seemingly take it too serious.   Bring on the Crazy takes it back to 87, Room full of Diamonds  takes us even further back (81) to a track that  probably catapulted The Radiators onto an entirely new audience with its cool, cool, pop rock awe riffs and inescapable singalong infection... ‘She's lying she's lying…’

Hard Core Love has a rockier edge and if you aint awake now, then ya gotta be dead. Debut album Feel the Heat is the one that first grabbed this ravaged fool’s hide and it was the single Hit and Run that confirmed the pure versatility and passion that was the Rads in 1980.   My all-time fave, it slinks in all slow and smooth like then builds beautifully. Pure pop-rocknificence that reinforces just exactly what the notion of live music is all about. Yeah!  

Unophisticated treads that more erratic path. Life's a Gamble keeps the heads bobbing before Geoff’s bass interlude gives the others a breather. Sunnies on, the boys are back...”This songs for all the terrorists in the world” says Geoff. And with that, the sombre edge of Hanging Tree’s darker tones seep into the night. Stretched, stretched, dark cloudy airs.

It's all-time favourite Gimme Head that drags all the ‘ladies’ back to the dance floor. A big hit way back when and still a big hit now. Wooooo. Other perennial fave Comin Home winds up the set with its get-amongst-it feelgood anthemic chorus…and leaves a room of sweaty, screaming fans jumpin’ up and down for more.   

Proverbial pause, short slam session 

courtesy of Mark Lucas, then The Beatles’ Revolution gets a Rad makeover before the trademark quirkery of Fess’s Song (I take drugs (drugs) I like sex (sex) I like looking at dirty pictures I like lying in bed with fess) leaves em singin’, shoutin’ and swimming in their schooners.   Ageless!


The Stranglers

Stranglers doing Curfew @ Enmore Theatre in Feb, 2018. Billed as the Classic Collection tour, tonight didn't disappoint...The Raven, Nice N Sleazy, Golden Brown, No More Heroes, Strange Little Girl...

Sure, JJ Brunel may be the only original member, but that mattered not to the predominantly over 50s crowd who were soaking up a retro taste of 1980. This being my first live encounter, I left bedraggled with a huge jagged smile and that drilling trademark bass buzzing in my ears...Brilliant!

Stiff Little Fingers

Stiff Little Fingers @ The Metro Sydney. Nobody's Hero was just one of tonight's killer setlist.

This is the band that inspired the name of my very first band with their debut single Suspect Device.

Fast, sweaty, Irish punk in all its timeless glory.