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Outaspace Garage Meltdown presents....Sore Points, Thee Cha Cha Chas, The Dunhill Blues, Fangin’ Felines, Thee Evil Twin. Factory Floor, Marrickville. December 6, 2019.


Thee Evil Twin are a three piece sonic assault laden with sweet distortion and a kickarse backbeat.

Solid. Sweet. Scorched.

Short shots of perfectoid rock pellets.

The ideal opener!

Wollongong’s Fangin’ Felines possess that perfect blend of melody and mayhem.

Seasoned rock-ettes with more than a little pop in their punch.

Beautiful, sometimes retro, moods that bleed and bulldoze simultaneously... and some killer harmonies to boot. 


The Dunhill Blues are just as raw and ragged live as they are on record.

Sweaty surges of thumperama that punch  you right In the face and in turn take noise pollution to the next level.

No subtlety here, just pure solid chunkachunk  garage, punk tinged rock... and the odd psychedelic sidetrack...

Hammer me deaf!

Thee Cha Cha Chas are at the tail end of their East coast tour and their unique, two way,serratedly fuzzed  rock charm comes complete with lime green alien garb tonight. 

A lot rockier than last encounter... could be the PA? Either way they are on galactic fire this evening. 

Tight as time travel and equally as enthralling, their quirked Melbourne fun smashes it out of the park.


And Alternative Ulster just firmly seals the deal.

Alien arse cheeks  indeed!!

Canada’s Sore Points are a whole new level of noise.

Theirs is a snotty  power punched brand of aural assault that comes double time, double fast and double loud.

A twopenny bunger delivery of bludgeoned punkesque pellets that are as sharp as shit and  just seem to explode on impact.

Go Canada!

Great lineup. Great night. Kudos to Outaspace for making  it happen.

Mark Fraser- 


Thee Cha Cha Chas


The Dunhill Blues

Thee Cha Cha Chas, Space boozzies, Lion Island. Hardys Bay Club, November 23, 2019.


Loved Lion Island’s last album, so was a little excited to see how it transferred live.

Drummer Bob is now on guitar and the sound is raggedly garage-ish.

Joanie’s on crack Opens up and it’s into your veins instantly with its catchy throes.

Infectious indie, melodic power pop with shades of Westerberg... a similarity I’ve noted before...and a great one at that.

"I saw the clash in the supermarket"... gloriously messy. 

Sweet jagged  guitars drive the bus and it’s feelgood all the way.

Bunch of new songs, plenty of punch and some gnarlier garage moments.

Sure there are some raw moments but hey, that’s rock n roll. 

Space Boozzies hail from the coast and even have their own tween queen dance crew.

Dirty, raggedy triple guitar riddled rock pellets that crawl drunk from the gutter and slam their way down the alley in their own haggard way.

Undertones’ Teenage Kicks does snotty justice to the original.

A one minute punk onslaught...some psyched 60s squelcharama...some more gnarly punk-esque carnage...a bit o smooth sax...and in all, it’s one sweaty hair ball of a set.

Fresh from Japan, Melbourne’s Thee Cha Cha Chas  are a two piece that kick as hard as a fully fledged combo.

Scorched guitar and footsie drums all in one with she vox  and bass completing the picture.

Not afraid to kick some arse, have a chat and generally fuzz it up, it’s  hard not to succumb to their unique charm.

And Alternative Ulster!!! FRICK Yeah!

Fresh as fuck and beautifully ravaged.

Big shout out to Milly and Adam from Outaspace for having me along (and for the Dunnies record).

Mark Fraser- 


Space Boozzies


Lion Island