About was launched as a music media and consultancy business in 2001.Our website was a wealth of reviews, interviews, samples and news. In 2012 we unfortunately lost 11 years worth of content and decided to take a break. 

Now we're back. We're based on the Central Coast and music is our world! Feel free to send us review product or invite us to your gigs.   We love getting amongst it.

We love to write about and share the sounds that inspire us, so you will find a broad cross section of new and not so new releases and gigs. 

Feel free to send us your own words and images.

We're a work in progress  so bear with us!

Video of the week

...the beautiful frolicking, pop folkestry of Central Coast trio Little Quirks. A bit of a change of direction from their earlier offerings,  this one is a tad more racey, but no less infectious. For fans of Corrs, Cranberries, Lumineers.

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