Imagine Dragons- Next to me

Pure passion doesn't get any more awesome than  this haunting, live rendition of what we reckon is an Imagine Dragons classic, at the 2018 March Madness Music festival. Just drips all over the canvas.

Fast Cars - California Dawning

Haunting, dreamy  throes from the stripped back version of Fast Cars a la 2018. Once a mod pop combo and nowadays  more of a slick moodscaping entity that hovers around...dare I say... the more mature end of the pop spectrum.

City Calm Down-rabbit run

A few years old now, but what a mighty track. 

Shades of New Order, 80s synth, and a sheer, infectious, home grown, heart-felt beauty dripping from the outset. 

Little Quirks-crumbled

...the beautiful frolicking, pop folkestry of Central Coast trio Little Quirks. A bit of a change of direction from their earlier offerings,  this one is a tad more racey, but no less infectious. For fans of Corrs, Cranberries, Lumineers.